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competitive cheer mixes

Power Music Cheer, the number 1 source for affordable licensed Premade Mixes and Sounds Like That, the industry leader in custom music have combined the shopping experience to create a one-stop shop for all your cheer and dance music needs.

At Power Music Cheer you’ll find over 700 Awesome Cheer, Pom, and Hip-Hop premade mixes with current hit songs and prices start as low as $15. These mixes can be purchased as-is, or customized by adding voice-overs, sound effects and more.

If you are looking a unique soundtrack where you select the theme and songs to make your vision come to life, check out Sounds Like That. We’ve been producing the most innovative mixes for championship teams for over 20 years.

Now, in one location, we offer incredible music for any budget from Youth Cheerleading to the Pro level.