Party Cheer Mix - (MMP Remix)


Customize Your Mix

Customize Your Mix

Our standard voiceover package includes: your school or gym name at the beginning of the mix, your team or mascot name at the end of the mix, and your team colors in a one 8-count phrase. To opt out of any of the three standard voiceovers, type "N/A" in that field. You can also add cheer phrases (two 8-counts) for $40 each, or additional one 8-count phrases for $20 each.

Please include pronunciation guidance. We will record EXACTLY what you type.

School/Gym Name will be said at the beginning of your mix.
Team color will be said in the middle of your mix. Insert your school colors in a phrase or list colors and the DJ will create the line. We reserve the right to rearrange the order of the colors.
Mascot/Team name will be said at the end of your mix.
DJ'S Choice
DJ'S Choice
DJ'S Choice
DJ'S Choice
DJ'S Choice
DJ'S Choice
Add Cheer Phrase ($40/ea) Two 8-counts
Add Additional Phrase ($20/ea) One 8-count
If you want specific statements in your music you need to add them as a cheer phrase above. There will be an additional charge for any changes to voiceovers.
Need to find a replacement song? Check out all our tracks at Power Music Trax
Do not replace (mix will be shorter)

Replacement song MUST be found on Power Music Trax. Include Song title, Version and Artist. Do NOT reference sections from other mixes on the site or your swap will not be completed. By choosing a replacement song you leave it up to the DJ to choose the best part of the song to use.

Do not replace (mix will be shorter)
Do not replace (mix will be shorter)
Add another swap

Do NOT reference sections from other mixes on the site or your song swap will not be completed.

Sound Effects
*Sound effects that are on the previews ARE included in your mix
To add Sound Effects to your mix, please follow the instructions below after completion of your order.
  1. Fill out the 8 count sheet with the sound effects you want (Be sure to include the intro on 8 count 1, and indicate where the music starts)
  2. Save the changes
  3. Login to your account
  4. Find your order in your account dashboard
  5. Upload your 8 Count Sheet PDF using the link in your order
Add/Remove 8-Counts:
NOTE! You can NOT add 8-counts to a POM Mix!

8 Counts #1

8 Counts #2

8 Counts #3

Add/Remove more 8-counts

1. Voiceovers

2. Song Swap

3. Sound Effects

4. 8-Counts

5. Delivery

If you have ANY question about placing your customized order please contact [email protected] for support. All sales are final.

Party Cheer Mix - (MMP Remix)

Mix Price: $48.75

Customization Fees:

Total Cost:



Title/Original Artist
Original Artist
Tik Tok
Welcome to the Party
Diplo, French Montana & Zhavia Ward feat. Lil Pump
Party In the U.S.A.
Miley Cyrus
Get the Party Started
Sorry for Party Rocking
A Little Party Never Killed Nobody (All We Got)
Fergie, Q-Tip & GoonRock
Party Rock Anthem
LMFAO feat. Lauren Bennett & GoonRock
Party Train
Party Like A Rock Star
Shop Boyz
Pity Party
Melanie Martinez
Party All Night (Sleep All Day)
Sean Kingston
Party Over
Amelia Lily