Need Help? Frequently Asked Questions

How much is it to place a RUSH on my custom order? And how fast will I get it?

$100 and you will receive it within 3-7 business days.

Can I pay for my order with a Purchase Order?

Yes, we accept PO’s for U.S based schools/customers. Please email [email protected] for a copy of our w9. 

How can I share my mix with my athletes?

Once you download the file to your computer you can email it as an attachment, share it in Dropbox, share it via Google Drive, etc. 

How much does a license cost to use my mix?

The license is included in the cost of the mix for no additional fee

Can my mix by slowed down?

We are unable to slow down any of the mixes you purchase from our site. But you are welcome to use a free program like garageband to adjust the BPM after you purchase.

Can I add more sound effects to my mix?

You can pay $50 for us to add more sfx. You can select "dj's choice and we will add them where we would like, or you can complete a count sheet and select where you would like sfx added to the mix to match action in your routine.

How long will it take before my custom mix is ready?

A customized mix takes 7-10 business days. You will receive an email notification when the mix is ready and can be downloaded from your dashboard. You are able to download the uncustomized version of the mix immediately while you wait for the custom version to be better. 

I’m trying to checkout on the website but the order won’t process. What’s wrong?

Make sure you have a billing address saved on your account

When will I know my custom mix is ready and where do I download it?

You will receive an email confirmation when your custom mix is available to download. Go to My Orders -> View Order and then Scroll down to customization area. You will see "Your Mix is ready!" and that is where you can download your customized mix.

How and when will I receive the license for my mix?

You will receive your license in the confirmation email that comes to you after placing your order. If you ever need to find it again, you can login to your account, Go to My Orders-> View Order-> and at the top in red, one of the options is “Print License.” 

Is the music on your site USAF compliant?

Yes, it is!

Where can I find the 8 count sheet?

Please email [email protected] for a blank 8 count sheet. 

What does a “Split” mix mean?

:45 of music, silence for you to do a cheer, then a final :45 of music (1:30 total)

What is the difference between a split mix and a continuous mix?

A split mix is :45 of music, silence for you to do a sheer, then a final :45 of music while a continuous mix does not have the split in the middle. 

Why can I not hear my entire mix? It is cutting off at the end.

Please confirm you have downloaded your mix to a computer and are not just playing it from your phone. You must completely download the mix in order to guarantee you have the entire file. 

When I purchase a mix will it still say “power music” in the background?

No, that is just a placeholder that plays over the sample clips. 

I purchased a mix but now I want to add customizations (or order additional customizations)

You can add customizations to your order (or add additional customizations) by logging into your account on Go to My Orders ->View Order and you will see "Click here to Edit" in red. This will reopen customizations for your order so you can checkout again and pay the difference.